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What is Public Law Outline and how we can help?

When the Local Authority are involved with the care of your children, this can be an extremely difficult and stressful time for a number of reasons. One of those reasons may be that you don’t understand what Public Law Outline (PLO) is.

Our, Maisie Collier, can assist by providing the parent with free independent legal advice. This would include representing a parent at the meeting, agreeing sensible plans with the Local Authority and, provide support throughout the process.

The PLO process takes place where the Local Authority are worried about the care of a child and, invite the parents to make improvements without having to go to Court.

Usually, parents will be provided a letter and this sets out what the Local Authority’s concerns are. Before the meeting, we will go through the letter with you and, advise what steps can be taken next.

At the meeting, it is hoped that all parties can agree a plan of action. The plan will include work the parent is expected to do and also, what support the Local Authority can provide the family during this time.

If the Local Authority are involved with your family and you require some advice, please contact a member of the family department on 01482 621800.

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