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Probate Registry Delays – Never Confuse Change with Progress!

(April 2019)

Following a person’s death, an application to the High Court for a Grant of Probate would usually lead to the grant being issued by the court within approximately 7 working days.

On 25th March 2019 a new software programme was installed at the Probate District Registry which has led to significant delays in Grants being issued.   Burstalls are still waiting for Grants some five weeks after the application was sent to the court.    This does not help the clients and relatives involved reach a conclusion following the death of a loved one or friend.

We are so concerned about this that our Terry Moore has written to David Davis MP who has in turn written to the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and the Ministry of Justice.  We are waiting a further response.

This seems to be an occasion where the implementation of a computer software programme has interfered with a system that was already working well.

Burstalls will do all it can to ensure that everything is done to prevent unnecessary delays in this legal process to limit distress to their clients and other bereaved families who will want to get on in bringing their relative or friend’s estate to a conclusion following their death, without delay due to administrative processes.

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